December 3, 2021

Parent Tips When Traveling With Kids

During a single age or still a couple with a husband, if you just want to go for a walk or travel abroad, you will not think long. Just prepare a bag, buy a ticket, and you with your beloved friends or couples will stay on your way to your holiday destination.

However, having a child, especially a newborn or small kid, will sure to make you doubt whether traveling is the best idea for you. Do not worry. In fact, with careful planning and preparation, your traveling activities are not as bad as you think.

When traveling with kids, there are some basic things that you need to consider.

The destination of your choice

Is it locally or overseas? If abroad, the additional cost you need to provide is the passport for the little one. Also, there are additional equipment you need to make available.

Choose a family or kid friendly destination where both you and your kids will have fun together. Here are the few top destination around Malaysia:

Legoland Malaysia, Johor Bahru
Lost World Of Tambun Hotel, Resort & Spa, Ipoh
Sunway Lagoon, Kuala Lumpur
Movie Animation Park Studios, Ipoh
Desaru Coast, Johor


Determine your transportation – If you have a child, consider the type of transport you plan to use. If it’s the plane, how much is the transit? How many hours of travel? If you’re on a plane or a car, are your baby chairs comfortable enough for long distances? You need to check all of this information in order to have a wonderful journey.

Food for your beloved kids

Food for young children – Most hotels or resorts you stay at will provide food for guests. However, does the hotel provide food for children. If not, be sure to prepare for your baby’s meal. Making baby meal might not be a hustle at home – because everything is within reach. However, if you are on vacation you probably will have hard time for this. So, be prepared.

Emergency kit

Provide emergency medicine – These are amongst the most often sighted when traveling with a child. Things are not expected to happen and if you do not carry medical necessities, such as an emergency box, it is very difficult for you to overcome the anxiety.

All in all

If holiday destinations have been selected wisely and while all the preparation done perfectly, you will feel calmer and confident when taking your little ones to a vacation.

Most importantly, enjoy the holiday with your heart out. Do not be depressed if something unexpected happens, because trust me, it will happen! Take a breath, smile, and use the items you have prepared to solve the problem. It’s a holiday with a little one giving a sweet and precious experience for parents!

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