October 20, 2021

Working Overseas: What You Need To Know

Are you dreaming to work abroad? Are you normally scroll any free job posting sites for the chance to go out of the country? Or perhaps, you currently packing your stuff to get ready to go abroad to work? Working abroad is not all beautiful. There are things to know when working abroad so read this information before you go overseas:


For your knowledge, this visa is issued by a country to allow a person to enter the country. The role of Visa is usually to specify the time allowed and the purpose of entering the country. For example, to study or work. If you plan to work overseas, you should have a visa so what you need is that you must go to the embassy and apply for a visa to that country. Visa is very important, yes. Get your visa before you get anything else!

Public Holidays

Other countries may have very different norms especially when it comes to their holidays. For example, when working in London, you will receive 25 days for you to go for a vacation but others in the United States for the holidays they provide are only 12-15 days. Be sure to ask your supervisor about this to avoid any confusion. This problem may seem small, but it is very important to you as maybe you wish to spend your holiday in your hometown.


When working overseas, the language may be the separation distance for you to associate with the workers there who are mostly native to the country. For example, if you work in Japan, the Japanese are very weak with English because they are indeed glorifying their mother-tongue. So, before you go abroad as a country that does not use English as their second language, you should learn the basic language to talk with them so that you are not excluded because of the language barrier.


Even if your company bids to transfer all your goods overseas, you are advised to carry only a small amount of goods as at the end of the day, you will feel the burden to bring everything abroad. You should only carry the basics only because you may buy other items abroad.


When you work outside the country, it is not just for work, but you should also be good at keeping the network or contact with people around you. When you are abroad, it is also one of the opportunities for you to build a network with residents who live there as well as with people from other countries. Because by building a network you can learn many things and in the same time you can “sell” your personal branding.

All in all

Moving overseas requires a very neat supply. From the visa to the passport also our behavior there. All are important. Hence, make sure you do enough research so you will not go astray later. Happy working!